Health Insurance

Covered California

The State of California with The Cooperation of the Federal Government created Covered California Market Place where individuals and small business owners can go and shop for health coverage. Consumers also have the option to go straight to the insurance companies and purchase coverage; however, they will not be able to qualify for any financial subsidies if they do so. So far, the only way to get financial subsidies (tax credits) is if the individual purchases coverage through the Marketplace, also known as the Exchange.

Navigating the Exchange forms for health insurance coverage can be difficult and sometimes stressful, many people just give up. Or by the time they get to select their health plan, they simply pick the lowest value simply because they do not want to spend any more time looking over plan details.



At Peace & Grace Insurance in Atwater California, We are a Covered California Storefront which means you may walk-in during business hours and get help or even request an appointment on Saturday or beyond regular business hours.

Best of all our services are FREE of charge. We will help you understand the different plan options and the associated costs of co-pays and co-insurance.

We specialize in Medical coverage and we were the first Covered California Storefront location in Atwater, CA, we serve all of Merced County and surrounding areas.

If you are looking for direct access to the carrier and do not wish or choose not to get the financial subsidies, we can also help you purchase a policy through different carriers such as Kaiser Permanente, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Molina Health Care and others.

If you are Medi-Cal eligible, we can also submit your initial application and in most cases, we can print out the eligibility confirmation for Medi-Cal right on the spot.

What you’ll need to enroll:

  • Proof of current household income
  • California ID or driver’s license for all adults
  • U.S. Passport, legal resident (Green Card), Certificate of citizenship or naturalization document
  • Birth dates for all family members (even if they do not need coverage)
  • Social Security numbers and /or Individual Taxpayer Identification number for all family members (even if they do not need coverage)
  • Home address

Because we are independent agents, we are able to shop a multitude of insurance companies to find you the best plan that fits for your health care needs keeping your financial ability to pay in mind.

Contact us or give us a call direct at Peace & Grace 209-812-4026 and we’ll be happy to sit down with you to find a health care plan for you and your family to make sure you’re covered in accordance with the federal guidelines for your peace of mind and overall well-being.

Stop stressing about health care coverage and let us do the hard work for you! We can find something affordable for your needs!

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