Dental & Vision Insurance

With the cost of medical procedures increasing on a yearly basis using insurance policies to help offset the rising fees is a smart idea and a great addition to your financial portfolio.

Dental and vision insurance are two forms of insurance that are usually not covered under Medical Health Coverage. Usually, it is either a Dental or Vision Stand-a-lone policy or some carriers might combine both overages into one policy.

Unless you work for a large employer; most people go without dental and vision insurance at all, believing that it is expensive to add a policy on the side. It used to be very difficult or almost impossible to purchase a dental or a vision plan without a sponsor, like an employer or an association. However, change is the nature of things. With the healthcare reforms more and more options are available.

However, you must plan ahead; especially for dental coverage. As dental plans work in one of two ways:

A: No Coverage for major procedures without wait periods, usually 3,6,12,18 and even 24 months for certain services.

B: Very little coverage for major procedures like root canals, crowns, and other major procedures usually as little as 10% the first year then coverage increases over time.

Therefore, do not wait until that tooth hurt to buy dental insurance. Buy when you do not need it, so when you need it, you will have coverage.

So plan ahead, using a dental insurance plan can end up saving you quite a bit of money for those expensive dental procedures and even orthodontics for the growing kids.

Vision Insurance is great to have as well for those yearly checkups and it helps offset the cost of new glasses, contacts, lenses and other optical needs. The great news is that we work with over 40 different dental plans and vision plans so we have something that will fit into your needs and budget.

Point of Service Discount Plans could also be an option. These types of memberships are not insurance but rather a discount card which would allow you to realize some savings when you visit medical offices for dental and vision services.

Self-insurance is an expensive choice when you need a lot of work done. Give us a call at Peace & Grace Insurance in Atwater to set up your appointment so you can add dental and vision insurance at an affordable rate.