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Whether you are currently a Medicare beneficiary or becoming one; it is critical for you to understand how your Medicare Plan works. Before we advise or shop for coverage, we must evaluate your medical needs, as far as the number of doctor visits, routine tests, preferred hospitals, travel preferences and restrictions. We take that extra time to save you from future frustration and protection against those un-expected medical expenses. Understanding how Medicare works is crucial when you weight your options, we help you evaluate your coverage needs, budget restrictions so you can make an informed decision. Some Medicare beneficiaries may qualify for Medicare & MediCal as dual eligible members.

Considering Medicare advantage costs are usually lower when comparing overall costs, some plans may even have a zero monthly premium but they could be more restrictive as for doctor referrals, network limitations and enrollment/dis-enrollment restrictions. As for Medigap plans also known as Medicare Supplements, they offer more freedom to choose any doctor, any hospital anywhere in the U.S as long as the doctor accepts Medicare Assignment. The plans are standardized across the board and it would be wise to examine coverage details because choosing the right plan, is very important to your wallet as well as your health, a small coverage difference between plan F and plan N can save you hundreds of dollars a year and thousands over a lifetime.

What about a drug plan?! That is the last piece of the Medicare puzzle, once we decide which way to go with Medicare coverage, we’ll find the proper plan based on your current prescription, dosages, frequency and preferred pharmacy. It would be a good idea to ask your pharmacist for a current prescription print out.

The last step is getting quotes and comparing prices. That is the last part of the process not the first.

The Good news is we Love our job so have done a lot of plan slicing and dicing, we will show you how sense of it all.


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We never charge broker fees and we will explain the different types of coverage available to you. And because we are Independent; we have no sales quotas or specific products to promote. We are free to shop and compare rates as needed for our clients. We will also make referrals to local state and county programs as needed.




We are committed to make your transition into Medicare as smooth and as painless as possible.

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