Asset Recovery Services

Earlier this year we launched Government Agency Asset Recovery Services where we audit different government agencies and help locate excess funds held by them and return it to their rightful owners. This is an off shoot of Peace & Grace Insurance Services and is handled separately form our insurance work.

We work with clients on a contingency basis, in other words, We only get paid if you get paid. Otherwise there is no cost to you. We have been very successful in returning thousands and thousands of dollars to their rightful owners and prevented the government from escheating these funds.

If you have received a call or a letter form one of our agents, it is important to act quickly, as other individuals/creditors might have a claim on the funds we located for you and/or deadlines where these funds would be escheated to the government forever. We work in most states in United States and we look forward to recover what is rightly yours.

Special Contact Instructions

Phone: 209-947-2472 Fax :209-580-0148
Mailing Address Po Box 645 , PMB# 509, Avalon, CA 90704
Physical Address 1210 Third St, Atwater, CA 95301